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For patients seeking dental implants due to damaged teeth, bone augmentation may be a vital step. At Mona Lisa Smiles, we understand the importance of this procedure and proudly provide top-tier bone augmentation services to ensure optimal outcomes.

What is bone augmentation?

When a tooth is lost or damaged, bone loss inevitably follows in that area due to the absence of root stimulation and stabilisation. Dental implants stand out as superior tooth replacement options because they form a biochemical connection directly with the jawbone, replicating the bond of a natural tooth and preventing bone loss.

Jaw bone loss when a tooth is not replaced

Some individuals choose not to replace a missing posterior tooth under the assumption that its absence isn’t noticeable. However, when a tooth is lost or extracted, a significant portion of the surrounding bone diminishes. This can lead to adjacent teeth shifting and difficulties with biting. Additionally, multiple tooth losses can impact nutrition.

Dental implants play a crucial role in preserving remaining bone mass.


bone augmentation
Rebuilding lost bone

Bone augmentation encompasses a range of procedures aimed at augmenting bone in the jaw to facilitate secure placement of dental implants. Adequate bone volume in the jaw is essential to support implants. If the jaw lacks sufficient height or width, a bone augmentation procedure becomes necessary to augment bone volume.

Typically, this involves grafting bone or bone-like materials onto the jaw and allowing the grafted material to integrate with the existing bone over several months.

At Mona Lisa Smiles, we recognise the uniqueness of each patient, offering a variety of bone augmentation procedures:

– Bone Grafting: Utilising bone from the chin, hip, or shin is often preferred. Alternatively, we can use a combination of human cadaver bone and synthetic materials if preferred.

– Sinus Lift: This procedure increases upper jaw height by filling the maxillary sinus with bone.

-Ridge Expansion: A bone graft type procedure to broaden the jaw, ensuring adequate support for a dental implant.

-Distraction Osteogenesis: Involves inserting a titanium device into the jaw with pins to gradually widen the jaw.

While bone augmentation may seem daunting, at Mona Lisa Smiles, we understand the importance of patient comfort and information. Our friendly, skilled team will guide you through the process, discussing the most suitable procedure for your needs. With numerous successful bone augmentation procedures completed, we are recognised leaders in London. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We strongly recommend prompt dental implant placement following tooth loss to achieve optimal cosmetic and functional outcomes. Typically, it takes 4 – 6 months for a dental implant to fully integrate with the bone, allowing attachment of a crown and full bite force application.

Our professional team is here to clarify any queries regarding bone augmentation and assist in determining the most suitable procedure for you. With our track record of successful procedures, we are trusted leaders in London. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us.