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Case Study 6 - Jason T

The problem

Breakdown and loss of the root structure of several teeth due to damage caused by a blow to the face 20 years previously. Not happy to have dentures.

Our solution:

The blow to Jason’s face had caused dental resorption, where the root structure of the damaged teeth had broken down. He had previously been told that his only option was to have the teeth extracted and have a set of dentures.

At 40 years of age, he sought a second opinion with Mona Lisa Smiles and was happy to hear that there was another option – dental implants.

The result:

Jason is very happy with his new teeth and his new smile.


“I took a blow to the face when I was 21. This caused something called dental resorption 20 years later. At 40 years of age my only option appeared to be having my teeth removed and using dentures – something I was adamant I wouldn’t do. After seeing quite a few dentists, I was lucky to find Dr Basirat at Mona Lisa Smiles. I had 5 teeth implanted and they look amazing. Dr Basirat and all the staff did everything they could to keep me comfortable – and at a very competitive price. Mona Lisa Smiles now looks after my whole family".

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