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Case Study 5 - Nicola S

The problem

Large space between the teeth, not happy with orthodontic treatment.

Our solution:

Nicola's mouth presented a challenge. Her 21st birthday was approaching and she had been wearing braces for more than three years with no result. This is a problem experienced by many people who have small teeth with spaces that can not easily be closed by orthodontic braces.

The Mona Lisa Smiles solution was to close the gaps between her teeth with multiple porcelain veneers to create a beautiful new smile in just two to three weeks.

Porcelain veneers make it possible to instantly improve the look of your teeth without using braces or crowns.

The result:

Nicola could not be happier. She finally has what she always wanted, the Perfect Smile.


“I would recommend this to anyone who is unhappy with their teeth, like I was. I was really looked after by the dentist and his team at all times and I never felt that I did not understand what was happening. I finally felt in perfect control of my own mouth! A wonderful 21st birthday treat for me!"

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